Overhead garage doors.

To choose garage doors and their operation did not bring any problems to a person, you need to know some information about them.

First of all, the garage door should provide free entry and exit of the vehicle, and here, everything largely depends on the car’s dimensions. Garage doors should be as strong as possible and resist possible break-ins. If the garage door is made of metal, it will provide security to the vehicle. The garage door can be reinforced with locks for the outer pads and armored parts for the inner locks. If the garage doors are made of wood, they are relevant only for a short period of use and then only in protected areas.

The more tightly the garage door will fit the frame, the safer the vehicle will be. Vertical latches are necessary for garage doors to keep the doors in optimal position. With their help, the doors are held securely, and they do not tilt.

Garage doors come in several types:

  • Swinging doors are the cheapest type of garage door, they consist of two parts of the leaf. In this case, constant control over the entrance area of the «car house» is needed.
  • Rolling gate (Roll Up doors) is a closet — compartment on the principle of its opening. The canvas is shifted to the side, freeing the passage for the car.
  • If the garage door is lifted — rotary type, then in this case there is a vertical rise of the canvas towards the ceiling of the room.
  • If the gates are sectional, they are good space savers. They consist of separate sections, and when opening this type of door, these sections are folded in the corners and go under the ceiling.
  • Roller garage doors consist of aluminum plates that are coated with polymer. This web of plates goes into a box that is located above the garage entrance.

It is pretty essential for the gate to have a beautiful and stylish appearance. This is especially important for a garage that is close to the house and should look harmonious in relation to the main building. Therefore, various experiments are allowed in the finishing of garage doors. You can paint them with paint, decorate them with ornaments and other decor. It is also possible to give the garage door’s surface an exciting and peculiar relief.
Our company can install new garage doors of different sizes and types. Also, call us if you need to repair your gate.

Steel gate black.