How to choose the right commercial door.

Commercial garage doors are an essential part of the company’s infrastructure and are very different from domestic models, as every customer who has worked with one from Garage Door Service Master will tell you.

If the gate in a private garage or house is open 2 — 4 times a day, then at the industrial facility, they move much more often, which makes unique demands on the durability and convenience of their design.

In addition, the commercial gates and doors are larger in area because special equipment and large-sized cargo must pass through them, which forces the use of powerful drives.
Another feature of commercial gates and doors is the variety of their functionality and designs.

Commercial garage doors

How to choose the right commercial garage doors in the city of Chicago, Illinois.

In this review, we will briefly consider the common types of commercial gates and determine how to choose them.
Types of commercial gates and doors and their features

The most suitable is selected depending on the object (farms, warehouses, hangars, car washes, workshops, etc.), the mode of the territory, the location, and the intensity of daily use of the gate or garage doors.

Commercial garage doors can be:

— Sectional — consisting of several sections connected to each other by hinges. When open, the sections are stacked under the ceiling so they do not take up space in the room;
— Rolling (Roll Up Doors). This design is identical to roller shutters: the canvas is rolled up in a roll and placed in a box fixed above the opening;
— Solid rolling. They have a solid canvas that slides along the wall or fence;
— Sectional rolling. They entirely repeat the design of sectional gates, but when opened, they are shifted along the wall, not along the ceiling;
— Swinging. This is the most straightforward design, consisting of two sashes on hinges, which open like doors. Require free space in the radius of movement of each sash;
— Lift-and-turn. A solid rigid blade in the open state is located under the ceiling of the room or outside parallel to the ground;
— Flexible. Their soft film canvas is quickly rolled up over the opening. The second name of these gates is speed gates. They are installed in openings with heavy traffic and are necessarily equipped with a sensor sensor, giving the command to open the gate when approaching them, and to close them at a distance.
Algorithm for choosing commercial garage doors.

Immediately it is worth saying that there are no bad gates. Each type has its own functionality, advantages and disadvantages, so the choice depends on many conditions.

How do you choose a canvas for the gate?

To begin with, it is worth determining where the gate will stand and how important the function of restricting access to the territory (into the premises) is. Solid steel gates of rolling type best protect a protected territory — it is difficult to knock them out while swinging gates can give way to ramming vehicles.

How to choose a commercial garage door leaf in Chicago.

Where it is more important to save space, you should choose a sectional or roll canvas. The sectional is more expensive but more durable and better suited for heated rooms. Rolled canvas made of aluminum does not give the same thermal insulation and durability, but it is cheaper and easier to install. The solid lift-and-turn canvas is good against burglary, but it is not very convenient in intensive use.
Flexible gates divide the internal premises of warehouses if forklifts, cars, and movers with carts frequently pass through them, but they are not suitable as protection against strangers’ intrusion. Their task is to preserve the climatic regime in the room.

How do you choose the type of commercial doors and gate control?

There is only one reason to choose manually operated commercial gates, and that is the need to save money, although any enterprise will always have money for automation.

For collective and controlled access, you can choose locks with radar, magnetic card, timer, and push button panel. Speed gates should have a motion sensor so as not to force the staff to open and close them because the task of the speed gate is not to control access or protect the territory but to maintain the climate.

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