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The main stages of installation of sectional garage doors

Our company conducts professional installation of garage doors. Garage Door Service Master will perform professional installation of any garage door.
Garage doors will be the best option for premises of any type in Chicago. They are produced in different modifications, so they have no structural limitations and are installed in buildings of other purposes.
Installation of standard sectional gates is carried out in several stages:

-Preparation and measurements
-Arrangement of the opening
-Assembly of the structure
-Inspection work

Preparation and measurements

At the initial stage, it is necessary to decide on the gate model and its equipment. So, garage doors with a wicket will require additional tools and fasteners compared to the standard design. For installation work, we will need the following tools:

-electric drill.
-tape measure;
-laser level (if the width of the opening is more than 5m);
-locksmith tools (screwdrivers, pliers, etc.);
-fixing fittings.

Do not forget about personal protective equipment, including gloves, construction helmets, and goggles.

Proper calculation of the size of sectional gates will help to make competently made measurements. To do this, it is measured:

the height of the opening — to it, it is necessary to add a spare 30 inches
vestibule — affects the type of construction;
width of the opening — 2 inches on each side should be added;
garage depth — must be greater than the height;
Technical clearance provides access to service, which takes about 8cm on each side.

Arrangement of the opening

It is recommended to plaster the walls and ceiling, as not all areas will be available for this later. The geometry of the walls is checked. The opening must be in line with the walls, otherwise the gate will not be able to perform its functions properly. Metal corners are applied to the vestibule and walls.
Assembly of the structure

The device of garage doors begins with the drawing of markings for fasteners. Then, vertical profiles and horizontal guides are mounted. The panels are assembled into a canvas, after which the automation for sectional doors and additional elements (lock, handles, hinges) are installed.

Checking work

The door function is checked, and commissioning is carried out. All identified defects are subject to correction.

The price of lifting sectional gates depends on their configuration and the selected model. And the quality of installation work is best entrusted to professionals.


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