Two men installed a garage door at our destination.

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Installation of garage doors — secrets of installation with your own hands.

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The desire to save money is as natural for a person as to get a product of maximum quality. This applies to all spheres of life without exception. It is no secret that garage sectional doors — a pleasure is not cheap, but what to do if there is not enough money for them? Give up the desire to get a convenient and practical design. No! Not necessarily! You can easily save money on installation, and in this article, we will give a step-by-step guide on how to do it yourself. 

Preparatory work for the installation of garage doors.

Immediately note that you will not be able to make garage sectional gates with your own hands. Their production takes place in factories equipped with a huge amount of complex equipment. But you can order a ready-made set, which, without installation, will cost you much cheaper. The company Garage Door Service Master will help you at any time.

The first thing you need to do before placing an order is to make the correct measurements. The main condition for installing a sectional structure is the minimum allowable distance from the edge of the opening to the wall, which is 20-30 inches, and the height from the opening to the ceiling, which is at least 10-15 inches.

You can see the exact figures on the gate manufacturer’s website.

Measurement is made at three points: minimum, height, and width. The minimum value is taken as a basis, and we will start from it.

Next, it is necessary to make sure that the opening is level. To do this, you can use a construction level, and if there is a small error, then measure diagonally from corner to corner. The two diagonals should coincide completely, this indicates the flatness of the opening, and the maximum allowable error should not exceed 1 inch.

If the aperture does not meet the norms, it should be straightened. If the slope of the walls is too large, an additional frame, subsequently fixed in the opening, should be welded from metal profiles.

So, the measurements are made, and the order is made and delivered to the object, which means that you can move to the next stage.

A professional did not install the garage door, but it was under our supervision.

Garage door assembly.

The assembly of garage sectional doors resembles a game with a child’s constructor. In fact, everything is very easy and simple, the main thing — clearly follow the instructions and do not mix up the stages.

First of all, it is necessary to fix the hinge mechanisms on the sections, but with such a calculation that on each section they were only on one side. On the other side, the fixation will be made at the moment of fixing to the rails.

Now, assemble the guides themselves, which have a flat shape and are connected with each other by an arc bar, on which the rollers will move at the moment of transition from vertical to horizontal direction.

The most important thing here is to maintain a strict 90-degree angle. For convenience, you can not fix all the fasteners tightly, as this can be done during installation. As a result, we should have a flat shape.

The next step is the installation of the lower horizontal bar, which will accommodate the first section in the closed state. It is important that this bar should stand strictly horizontally by the building level readings. If, as a result of installation between the bar and the floor in some places formed a gap, it can be subsequently compensated with a solution of concrete or assembly foam, but in no case do not do it at this stage, as in the process of drying and foam and concrete have the property to deform.

So, the preparatory work is completed. Then comes the most difficult and responsible stage, on which will depend on the quality of functioning of the gate, so it should be treated with special care.

Mounting the gate with your own hands.

Guided by the indications of the construction level, we install horizontal guides and fix them to the wall. If the wall is concrete or brick, anchor bolts are used for fixation; if the aperture is wooden or metal, self-tapping screws are suitable.

Here, it is important to take the weight of the gate into account correctly. As a rule, the depth of fixing is specified in the instructions for the gate, and everything depends on both the size of the structure and the material from which the opening is made.

To prevent mistakes in the dimensions, it is recommended that you install the first panel on the bottom rail before you start fixing the guides. The main thing is that it should stand exactly as the entire gate should be mounted.

This section will serve as a certain limiter and will save you from the need to constantly check the tape measure.

The next step is installing the shaft with springs and drums for winding the cable. The whole construction is assembled according to the scheme, and the main thing is not to confuse the order of installation and location of elements. The right spring and drums are different from the left.

The entire structure is installed over the gate and fastened between the guides. Then, the spring is stretched by the number of turns specified in the instructions and fixed in this position with the help of special bolts.

Everything is ready, and it is left to pass the cable inside the guides and wind it on the drum. The «skeleton» of the construction is ready, and you can start the set of sections, which are simply installed on top of each other and fastened with hinges on the holes prepared in advance at the factory.

Now, rollers are mounted on each section, and hardware is installed. The only remaining tasks are to fix the horizontal guides to the ceiling and install a limiter that will prevent the sashes from moving beyond their intended place.

The mechanical part is ready, and it is necessary to check its performance. The sashes should move without significant effort and extraneous squeaks. If one of these elements is present, some mistakes were made during the installation process, and everything should be rechecked.

If everything is in order, you can only fix the handles and the latch, and here you do not need to give any special recommendations, as any home master will cope with this task without much difficulty.

That’s basically it; as you can see, installing garage sectional doors is not so difficult, especially since on the Internet, you can easily find a lot of videos on this topic, which will help to clearly understand the process and assess their strength. The main thing is to watch them before you decide to install the gate with your own hands so that then you do not find that this task is not under your power for any reason. That’s why we can help you. Garage Door Service Master is always happy to help you, and you can see our full range of services here.


The homeowner is trying to install a garage door.
At the direction of our recommendation, a young man installs garage doors.

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